Montana Ghost Stories

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1-931832-76-5
Author: Debra D. Munn
Pages: 175

Montana Ghost Stories

by Debra D. Munn

This collection of stories span the state wherever ghosts ramble and roam. The subjects are star-crossed lovers, murderers and the murdered, miners and cowboys, and Native Americans, all carefully researched and authenticated by interviews with the people who have witnessed the unknown and unexplained. Originally published as Big Sky Ghosts Vol. 1 & 2 in the early 1990s, these long out-of-print stories deserve to be brought back from the dead.


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About the Author

Debra Munn, a native of Amarillo, Texas, is a descendant of miners who lived in Butte and Anaconda, Montana, at the beginning of the twentieth century. From 1982 to 1990 she lived in Powell, Wyoming, where she taught composition, literature, and creative writing courses at Northwestern College. In 1995 she moved to Brighton, East Sussex, in England, where she lives today. Debra has a Ph.D. in American literature from Florida State University and has published short stories, essays, and articles on a variety of subjects.

Press Release

New book offers hair-raising tales of the haunted places of Montana

Amazing true tales of ghosts and ghouls of the Treasure State

Debra Munn’s new book “MontanaGhost Stories: Eerie True Tales” contains more than just stories about things that go ‘bump’ in the night. There are also stories about things that creak, crack, crash, and cry. There are doors that are open when they should be shut; lights that stay on when they should be off; rocking chairs that rock when they should be still. One ghost smokes a pipe….while another snuffs cigarettes. A ghostly nun disapproves of swearing while another can’t stand rock-and-roll music.

Munn has done her research well, interviewing witnesses, studying historical accounts, and delving deeply into the darkened depths of these unearthly echoes. She tells the true tales of ghostly guests at Chico Hot Springs; the ‘school spirit’ at the University of Montana; the real-life ghosts in a real-life ghost town; even a haunted bathroom. If you think that ghosts only inhabit creaky, creepy old buildings, then be sure to read the hair-raising account of the haunted condos at Big Sky which were torn down due to distressing disturbances.

Munn, a descendent of Butte and Anaconda miners, has been interested in specters, spooks, and spirits her entire life. “There is no shortage of ghosts in Montana. From Butte to Bannack to Bozeman, I found fascinating phantoms where ever I looked,” she said.

“Montana Ghost Stories” contains the best stories from Munn’s two-volume set, “Big Sky Ghosts,” that has long been out of print. “Montana Ghost Stories” is available at bookstores or by calling Riverbend Publishing toll-free 1-866-787-2363.


Big Sky spooks collected in “Montana Ghost Stories”

“Montana Ghost Stories” contains the best stories from Debra Munn’s two previous volumes, “Big Sky Ghosts,” long out of print.

Mumm collected tales about more than “things that go bump in the night.” There are stories about things that creak, crack, crash, and cry. There’s the door in an old house in Great Falls that refuses to stay shut, lights that come on when they should be off, chairs that rock when no one’s sitting in them. One ghost smokes a pipe while another prefers cigarettes. The Great Falls story involves a spunky single mother who doesn’t believe in ghosts until she finds more than she bargained for in the house her family occupies. And just in case you think ghosts favor sinister old houses, read about the haunted condos at Big Sky, which were torn down because of distressing disturbances.

Munn, a descendent of Butte and Anaconda miters, has long been interested in specters, spooks and spirits. “There is no shortage of ghosts in Montana,” she has said. “From Butte to Bannack to Bozeman, I found fascinating phantoms wherever I looked.”

-Great Falls Tribune, April 22, 2007

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